Sitting at the intersection of cultural planning, education reform and social entrepreneurship, we are working to instantiate a culture of curiosity, wonder and innovation in our businesses, homes, schools and neighborhoods through three areas of focus: advocacy, programming and community building.

Our goals are threefold:


Convene networks of educators, students, community members and business leaders to reshape learning in and out of schools.


Facilitate cross-sector conversations to bring about systemic and sustainable cultural change.


Incubate ideas, programs, and events to provide young people with access to multiple ways of thinking and learning.

Through this work, we’re striving to build a future-ready community and workforce rooted in originality and invention.

Skills Taught

Each of our programs are designed not only to satisfy multiple national and state education standards, they also work to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about 21st century skills. Below, we have outlined the specific work, leadership and life skills demonstrated and instilled through MSM, MVM, and MFM.


  • Asking questions to clarify or increase understanding
  • Considering other points of view
  • Being clear in expressing ideas and points of view


  • Seeking input from others
  • Encouraging ideas and contributions
  • Helping others accomplish tasks


  • Setting and prioritizing goals
  • Establishing a process of actionable steps
  • Monitoring progress against goals

Problem Solving

  • Gathering information about a problem from multiple sources
  • Applying new knowledge or information
  • Identifying a range of alternative solutions reflecting different perspectives

Creative Thinking

  • Navigating situations with flexibility and inquiry
  • Being resilient in response to changing conditions
  • Bringing divergent perspectives to a topic