Events & Research

A key element of our growth and development is rooted in collective impact and marshaled experience and insight. Through annual symposiums, shared research and findings and the early development of a multi-media campaign, we have knit together an extensive and thriving community of leaders and experts working to change the fields of education, youth development and creativity.

Creativity In Learning Symposium

Our first community building efforts took form through a series of roundtable conversations in Boston, NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Conceived with the explicit goal of understanding the landscape of creativity and facilitated by researchers from Project Zero, we focused the conversation around two key questions: “What does creativity look like?” and “How does creativity thrive?”

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Ideas from the Future

Our current series of roundtable events, Ideas from the Future, explores the role creativity will play in the future of our families, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. Events are rooted in scenario planning and mapping exercises as a way of envisioning a series of alternative futures. Through these exercises, we work to understand the tools and skills we need to build a more creative culture, economy and workforce.

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Creative Problem Solving Symposium

A one-day convening, the Creative Problem Solving Symposium will be hosted by the deLaski Family Foundation and Community Works in Washington DC. The day will include presentations by pioneering thought leaders from cultural institutions, arts organizations, and K-12 schools. Participants and speakers will be challenged to investigate how creativity is being taught and assessed, and how colleges and employers might augment current assessment practices with new models and criteria. Furthermore, through a series of facilitated working sessions, participants will work to design next generation assessments for measuring and observing creative capacity at various age levels.

Why Creativity Matters

Why Creativity Matters is a multi-media campaign setting out to safeguard the spirit of inquiry and curiosity. Our goal is to spark a movement through stories told by creative practitioners, celebrities and thought leaders in the community. These innovators bring their voice and passion, underscoring the importance of creativity through their work and civic engagement. Rooted in the question, “What do you ask yourself to spark your creativity?” we hope to inspire and empower the next generation to value their own ideas and imagination.